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This is where those candid shots taken in the bar at the height of having a good time show up for everyone's enjoyment.




Kelly Davidson, the owner, has a life long history with sports.  Born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon, in a small town like Bend, sports was the favorite family past time.  Kelly was All State in football and baseball.  He played baseball at University of Idaho and semi-pro in Bend in the late 70's.  He hoping to make it to the big leagues.  Alas, life had a different path for him.

Instead he worked as a beer salesman for 20 years and later owned and operated his own business with his wife Ali.  Together they have raised five amazing grown children.  After selling their business and sending their kids out into the world, Kelly and Ali weren't about to retire.  Kelly's dream of owning a sports bar was now becoming a reality.

With his co-owner wife Ali, the Davidsons bring a whole new dimension to the business of running a bar and grill. What people admire most about Kelly and Ali is the way they make people feel.  They've always got a smile, a silly joke sure to confuse you or make you laugh, and a positive outlook on life.  They love people and people love them.  Kelly enjoys hosting a good party and making sure everyone is having a good time.  You can find Ali dancing with the patrons, sharing a laugh, and singing her heart out with Karaoke. That's what makes Kelly D's special. Kelly and Ali make every person who walks in the door feel as though they've been personally invited to their "party".

Chef Manny is sorta quiet, but don't let that fool you. He is a wizzard in the kitchen and thoroughly enjoys whipping up special dishes as well as making sure all of the standby items are even better than you expect. Be sure to let him know what you like.

Multi-Tasking Staff: Mixing drinks, taking orders, delivering great food, and making sure you're having a good time is what Derek and JonMarie do best. You'll most always find one or both of them on duty to make sure your visit is one to be remembered.

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